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Unveil Arabia was founded by natural scientists and experienced professionals who felt the need for a higher level of content and thematic expertise in the travel and incentive market. Our well developed network in the region which covers academics, construction and architecture professionals, natural scientists, fashionistas and business experts, will provide you with the specialized content you are looking for. We are your partner of excellence for specialized thematic groups for university student and alumni groups, professional associations, scientists, architects, engineers and specialized groups.

Thematic Program

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Thematic Program

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Thematic Program


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Why Choose Us?

Unveil Arabia is not your typical mainstream travel company. We are a team of European academics based in the United Arab Emirates who see travel as a way to widen our horizons, gain firsthand knowledge and break down misconceptions. We design unique tours and travel itineraries enabling visitors and inhabitants of this fascinating region to discover its surprisingly diverse and beautiful nature, pulsating multicultural society and futuristic architecture. We strive to unveil the essence of what many see as the bright and shining beacon of Arabia. To make you wonder through new perspectives is our mantra, to give you real value and office support is our passion, to guide you in multi-lingual and specialized way is our strength!

To make you wonder through new perspectives is our mantra

We know we are doing something right when our itineraries and tours evoke feelings of amazement and spark renewed interest in the region with not only our visitors, but also with customers who have lived in the region for many years. We provide our clients with an entirely new and refreshing perspective on the region. How did water play a role in creating the landscape? How did this vibrant region develop as a hub connecting East to West, North to South? We will make you want to come back with your friends and family!

Giving you real value and office support is our passion

Our team of dedicated and passionate academics understands your needs and interests. Our vast experience in the local travel sector, our deep knowledge of the region and our careful selection of accommodations, activities and suppliers enable us to create well-flowing travel itineraries and tours. We continuously improve our back-office systems and procedures as to provide you with our travel itinerary proposal in time and providing you the best value for your budget. As our client, you will continuously enjoy the real time support of our dedicated team, which is located at the destination.

Our multi-lingual specialized guides our strength

We pride ourselves in our multi-lingual tour guides as they represent the face of Unveil Arabia. Each of our guides has a unique background in different scientific and societal domains, making it possible to provide you with a much higher level of knowledge than what mainstream travel providers do. Specializations range from the natural environment, to Arabic culture, societal sciences, architecture or even fashion. Our guides do not simply take you along a list of landmarks but instead embark you along a well flowing adventure, which will enhance your knowledge and understanding!